JC Stone Trail 50 K. Saturday, October 3, 2015.

by: Lou D’Angelo, Race Director

October 2 was a dark and stormy night. I was thinking about the conditions of the trail for our first ever trail Lt. JC Stone Trail 50K. The Rotary club of Hampton Township has been hosting the Lt. JC Stone Road 50K for a decade. This was our first attempt to host a trail 50K under the same banner. We now have a series, Road in the Spring and Trail in the Fall.

The rain on Friday evening intensified. I woke up at 5:00 AM to the sound of the rain pounding on the roof. The temperature was 45 degrees. It was going to be an interesting day on the trail.

Runners began to check in around 6:30 AM. The rain did not let up. Everyone was in good spirits, and half of the field of 20 ultrarunners were first time 50 K ultra marathoners. We had eight female runners and 12 male runners toe the line. 18 of the 20 finished. We had one sprained ankle that sidelined one of the top female contenders early in the race, and one runner decided not to finish the final lap.

The course is four loops. One 5 mile loop to get you started and then three 9 mile loops. This means you get to use pass the start/finish line 3 times and then head out for your final loop. Aid stations are about every 3 miles on the course after that first 5 mile loop.

Aaron Horrell finished in 5:12:11 and opened up a pretty good margin on Tomas Castillo (the second place finisher) during the final 9 miles of the race. Aaron now holds the course record! We hold that time out as an invitation for our 2016 competitors to come and get it.

Inna Borisov was our female overall with an impressive 6:25:09 finish. She holds our female course record!

Considering the amount of rain we received the trails were in very good condition. We learned a lot from hosting this event and are looking forward to making the 2016 trail version better and more fun for all. From the comments that we received we're going to have to work pretty hard to do that as it appears the runners, spectators, pacers and volunteers all had an great day. We look forward to inviting everyone back next year on the first Saturday in October for the next race.

In the meantime if you would like to run a road race consider the other event in our Lt. JC Stone 50K Series.Lt. JC Stone Road 50K. Saturday, March 19, 2016.


  1.  Aaron Horrell                 M     5:12:11    
  2. Tomas Castillo               M     5:36:40
  3. Richard Cook                  M     5:50:54
  4. Inna Borisov                    F      6:25:09      
  5. Jared Reesman               M     7:09:01
  6. Teresa Saxton                 F      7:12:17
  7. Steve Saxton                   M     7:12:18
  8. Tim End                            M     7:17:29
  9. David Benson                   M     7:22:24
  10. John Armstrong               M     7:31:11
  11. Andrew Artis                    M     7:37:45
  12. Nancy Thenthongkham   F      7:49:44
  13. Ingrid Duque                    F      7:53:04
  14. Lucas Durig                     M     8:00:30
  15. Moriah Peters                  F     8:00:33
  16. Michael Ewing                 M     8:14:31
  17. Monica Fletcher              F      8:48:55
  18. Katy Patton                     F      10:36:00

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