LT. JC STONE 50K Oval Window/Bumper Stickers!!

There are two designs.  See the images below......

Here are the two designs. They have been ordered and I will have them around April 3rd. If you would like a JC Stone 50K oval sticker, please send $5 (check payable to Hampton Rotary Club) to D'Angelo Financial Services, 9380 McKnight Road, Suite 100, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. Let me know which design you prefer (50K or JCS), and I will mail it to you using the US Postal Service. That's all there is to it. Thanks.
The 2013 Lt. JC Stone Race Photos are now available for viewing and downloading. They are free to download. I just downloaded and printed one. If I can do it you can too. Here's the link....

simply find the photo that you want, they are basically in chronological order.. click on it. new page opens. at the top of the page you will see that you have a choice of what file size you want to download. larger the file, better the printing.

A great big thank you goes out to Frank Piedimonte for spending the day documenting the race for us! Thanks Frank! The photos are awesome.
Results for the 2013 Lt. JC Stone 50K

Gender/Age  PaceTime
1Evan Cestari1718M/336:37/M3:24:59
2Benjamin English1728M/286:38/M3:25:40
3Andrew Bartle1707M/367:02/M3:38:05
4Douglas Basinski1708M/427:02/M3:38:06
5Rick Bechtel1709M/487:29/M3:52:11
6Patrick McGovern1753M/237:40/M3:57:36
7Stacy Kopchak1745F/497:49/M4:02:22
8James Cochenour1721M/457:50/M4:02:36
9Christine Forrest1735F/347:50/M4:02:44
10Shane Kenney1744M/367:52/M4:03:41
11Benjamin Brucker1713M/357:54/M4:04:49
12Connie Gardner1736F/497:55/M4:05:15
13Peter Kozlowski1746M/338:09/M4:12:40
14Guillermo Rocco1765M/468:12/M4:14:20
15Bob Pokorny1762M/528:16/M4:16:10
16Hiroyuki Shiota1768M/328:30/M4:23:25
17Mike Saloman1767M/438:34/M4:25:45
18James Yuvan1787M/348:37/M4:26:58
19Mike Maillis1750M/448:38/M4:27:30
20John Armstrong1704M/478:38/M4:27:43
21Jason Smith1771M/428:42/M4:29:38
22James Arthur1705M/398:46/M4:31:45
23Kim Simon1769F/568:48/M4:32:54
24Julia Fiorentino1733F/448:53/M4:35:31
25Rob Thomas1779M/519:00/M4:38:58
26Beth Bugner1714F/349:02/M4:40:09
27Ladd Clifford1720M/449:05/M4:41:48
28CHRIS THOMAS1778M/429:11/M4:44:38
29Marty McKenna1755M/409:11/M4:44:52
30Diana Willy1785F/229:12/M4:45:03
31Brett Decker1722M/479:18/M4:48:17
32Mark Bezilla1711M/289:19/M4:48:39
33Audrey Burgoon1715F/519:24/M4:51:22
34Maria Vargas1783F/529:38/M4:58:41
35Chris s1766M/559:38/M4:58:43
36Todd McIntyre1754M/489:40/M4:59:29
37Gene Pido1761M/459:40/M4:59:29
38James Lombardi1748M/709:53/M5:06:32
39Bill Thompson1780M/469:54/M5:06:43
40Heather Brady1712F/379:58/M5:08:46
41Joel Dillon1724M/489:58/M5:08:59
42Christopher Eyerman1729M/509:58/M5:09:09
43Eric Ripper1764M/4210:05/M5:12:50
44Janice Snow1772F/5010:08/M5:13:54
45Dan Kendra1743M/4910:10/M5:15:00
46Anne McClain1751F/4010:18/M5:19:31
47Valerie McNelis1756F/4110:22/M5:21:17
48Luke Wise1786M/3210:24/M5:22:26
49Tony DiLella1723M/5910:33/M5:27:17
50Harold Dravenstott1725M/4110:35/M5:27:59
51Kristie Bardell1706F/3410:36/M5:28:22
52Lisa Fleming1734F/5110:36/M5:28:22
53Scott Ferrari1731M/5510:52/M5:36:48
54Kreig Spahn1773M/4810:57/M5:39:21
55Annamarie McCormick-Howell1752F/2411:02/M5:41:51
56Derek Stevens1774M/3811:07/M5:44:46
57Murray Hofmeister1739M/4211:11/M5:46:40
58Nicole Long1749F/3011:13/M5:47:57
59Eric Eller1726M/4411:30/M5:56:43
60Lolita Haight1737F/5411:38/M6:00:32
61Jeff Palmer1760M/3611:40/M6:01:47
62Chuck Butler1716M/5012:01/M6:12:25
63Melinda Lerch1747F/3412:02/M6:13:02
64Chase Merriman1757M/2912:11/M6:17:48
65Luke Tuomala1781M/3012:27/M6:26:01
66Gerald Kemman1742M/7012:41/M6:33:18
67Adrian Fedorco1730M/5812:43/M6:34:09
68Beth Eller1727F/4213:26/M6:56:39
69Joe Bertini1710M/6213:29/M6:58:00
70Debra Thiem1777F/4814:27/F7:44:32

Race Report.  The 2013 Lt. JC Stone 50K was the sixth running of the event.  The race is named for Lt. Joseph Charles Stone who was killed in action in Vietnam, and honors those who have served our country. It is a fundraiser for the Hampton Rotary Club and the funds are used for various charitable purposes including contributions to organizations that support our service men and women.  At the starting line there were 75 runners planning to go the distance and two who join us each year for a celebratory 6 mile loop.  There were 23 first-time ultra-runners, and 27 who were running the JC Stone 50K for the 1st time.  We welcomed back 25 ultra-runners who were coming back to run with us again, including the 2012 overall male and female winners. The two men who join us each year for the first 6 miles are Norman and Donald Stone.  They are the two older brothers of Lt. JC Stone.  At the end of the day a new woman's champion and a new men's champion will be named. But I am getting ahead of the story.

 The early spring in Pittsburgh was wet and cold. 70 out of the 75 previous days it had rained or snowed at least part of the day.  On race day it was 22 degrees when the gun sounded at 8:00am.  There was good news for our runners! Throughout the day the temperatures warmed to 44 degrees.  The best part was the clear sky and constant sunshine. The course is a loop course so the spectators and support group are able to see the runners six times during the race.

 The JC Stone 50K has always been an event where first-time ultra-runners are going to feel welcome and are going to be treated to the best first time ultra-experience that my volunteers can come up with. This year was no different.  With our largest field ever and our largest number of first time ultra runners, I am pleased to report that when the run was over we had minted 25 new ultra marathon runners. I like to think that we can keep doing this year after year. Nothing is more fun than to take a marathon runner and introduce them to the fun of running longer and longer.

Back to defend her first place was Medina, Ohio's Connie Gardner. Well known to ultra-runners, Connie has been and continues to be a dominant force in ultra-races around the country. She has been the dominant female runner here at our race, winning the woman’s race the past five years.  A competitive women’s field had Connie Gardner in the lead for much of the race.  Stacy Kopchak took the lead in the transition area with 5 miles to go. Christine Forrest and Connie were a few seconds behind. With less than 2 1/2 miles to go, Stacy Kopchak had a 20 second lead over our other two top female runners. At the end of the race it was Stacy taking her first JC Stone win, followed closely by 1st time ultrarunner Christine Forrest and then by Connie Gardner. It was a great run. The female grand master winner was Kim Simon.

For the men, Andrew Bartel, winner of the past three races and Doug Basinski, the winner of the inaugural JC Stone 50K, we're both back for a try at the top spot. In addition to our past winners and contenders, there were some very recognizable names from the ultra community at the event. They weren't participating this time but were there to help out and provide support to the runners. At one point I looked up to see Mark Godale, Chris Gibson and Bob Gracie all standing around talking with each other like the old days. If you don't know those names, ask one of your older ultrarunning buddies.

For the men it was also a tight race. For the first 26 miles, Ben English (2012 2nd place finisher) was in the lead. Andrew Bartle (2012 1st place finisher) was in second place and a new JC Stone runner, Evan Cestari, rounded out the top three for the first 26 miles.  Doug Bazinski was right there with the leaders in 4th place. After 26 miles, it was Ben English followed by Evan followed by Andrew and then Doug Bazinski. The drama in this race took place with just under 1 mile to go, when Evan went by Ben English and continued to push hard to the finish, winning by 40 seconds.  A serious race for third place developed with just over a couple of hundred yards to go. Doug Bazinski made a move on Andrew Bartle.  Andrew responded and the two of them ran close together for the final couple of hundred yards. Andrew edged out Doug by just one second. Doug was excited to take our first place masters title.  Our men's grandmaster winner was last years men's master winner, Bob Pokorny from Madina Ohio.

Come on out and give this 50k road race a try in 2014.


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